NMU students develop companies, donate proceeds to charity

The class consists of seven groups of students, each providing their own product or service.
Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 5:24 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Northern Michigan University students are learning what it takes to start a business. The students are part of an Intro to Entrepreneurship class.

Professor Cori Bodeman said one of the best ways to learn is to try doing it.

“Giving them an idea on what it’s like to start a business, this is an entrepreneurship class,” Bodeman said. “We’re not looking at the different kinds of entrepreneurship, we’re giving them the hands-on experience to: ‘How do I start a business? What do I need to think about? Is this something I want to do?’”

Bodeman said the students have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring they build a quality company. The class consists of seven groups of students, each providing their own product or service.

“They are learning the proper processes; they have come up with products that are viable,” Bodeman said. “The students are very good at making sure that the products will be deliverable.”

The catch? All the net proceeds that their products bring in go to charity.

Maggie Boburka’s company Positive Poly Tees, for example, is donating to Bay Cliff Health Camp.

“I love Bay Cliff just because I know a lot of people who have worked at Bay Cliff. I love the things they do for disabled children and young adults,” Boburka said. “They really make their lives more amazing and meaningful.”

Boburka said this project has provided invaluable insight into entrepreneurship.

“I have learned how to create a website, how to market my business, how to go on social media and show people what we’re doing, and just, overall, how to create a business from the ground up,” Boburka said.

Bodeman also said the best way to help these students, and the charities they’re supporting is to buy their products.

Here are the student-made companies and the charities they are choosing to support:

- Positive Poly Tees is supporting Bay Cliff Health Camp.

- Knots of Love U.P. is supporting UPAWS.

- Can Hunter is supporting U.P. Land Conservancy.

- Shoreline Stitches is supporting Partridge Creek Farms.

- Sunny Chargers is supporting Noquemanon Trail Network.

- Dandy Designers is supporting Lake Superior Hospice.

- Cleaner Earbuds is supporting Copper Harbor Trails.