Ironwood veteran to host fundraiser for leg-less rescue duck

Lil’ Bomber lost his legs to frostbite this winter.
Lil' Bomber (on the right)
Lil' Bomber (on the right)(Rob Saari)
Published: Apr. 11, 2022 at 4:40 PM EDT
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IRONWOOD, Mich. (WLUC) - An Ironwood man is holding a fundraiser to make a rescue duck named Lil’ Bomber mobile again.

Rob Saari, also known as “Duckman” is a retired U.S. Army Combat Engineer who rescued Lil’ Bomber. When Saari found him, the mallard had already lost one leg to frostbite. He lost the second one just over a week ago.

Now, Saari and his friend Jed Boydston are hosting a “Leg UP on Life” fundraiser to not only cover the vet bills, but help pay for a 3D printer. With the printer, they plan to construct a pair of prosthetic legs for Lil’ Bomber.

“I saw on the news how they 3D printed a pelican’s beak and thought ‘why not duck feet?’” Saari said.

Saari said he feels a special calling to help injured “fowl brothers and sisters” like Bomber.

“I sort of have a predisposition to help the lame ducks. As a retired veteran myself I felt that way for many years,” said Saari. “You have that weird transition from military to civilian [life] and you feel like you have no purpose. The ducks really give me a purpose.”

And Saari and Boydston have bigger plans than 3D printed legs.

Boydston, an engineer as well, said he wants to eventually make Lil’ Bomber a hoverboard so he can “zip around” with his other duck friends.

The fundraiser for Lil’ Bomber will be held on April 15 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Time Again Studios, located at 105 Suffolk Street in Ironwood, Michigan. There will be a prize drawing, a 50-50 raffle and, as Saari said, “egg-squisite food” that is “passionately prepared” by Suffolk Street Eatery.

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